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The Sell Block is a Registered business (ABN: 64 126 019 458) and by using this online store, you are accepting the terms and conditions as stated below.


All prices quoted on The Sell Block are Recommended Retail Price (RRP) or a competitive price for which a particular product can be purchased elsewhere. Products and pricing change frequently and we reserve the right to adjust our price accordingly, without prior notification. From time to time we may have sales, promotions or specials on items that may be obsolete or overstocked in which case, you guys and gals can pick up a bargain!


All prices quoted on The Sell Block are inclusive of Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless the user is logged on using an International address, in which case the GST portion (reduction by 9%) is taken from the cost.

Customers who purchase goods on The Sell Block using a credit card will have their order processed immediately at the quoted price at the checkout in $AUD.


Customers who use alternate payment methods such as Australia Post Money Order, Personal or Business cheques, Direct Deposit, International Money Transfers or Bank Drafts will have the prices quoted at the checkout held firm for a period of five (5) business days from the processing of your order (at The Sell Block checkout) to allow time for your payment to arrive at The Sell Block. Should your payment arrive after the five (5) day period, we will contact you to advise whether there has been any change to the availability or price of the product as soon as is practicable.


The Sell Block is not responsible for the content of any other websites linked to or from our Sell Block site.


International customers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes or fees payable.  Please note, that as a registered business we are unable to ship international orders as a ‘gift’ and all shipments must be declared as ‘merchandise’.


Users may not copy, store, reproduce, or in any way exploit the information contained in our website without the prior permission from The Sell Block.

Users may not use The Sell Block to transmit any material which may be considered threatening, offensive or harmful in any way.

Users may not use The Sell Block to promote the use of other businesses in any way, explicitly or impliedly, without the prior written consent of The Sell Block.

The Sell Block's website includes images from their suppliers and have been given permission to use. These images may not be reproduced. 


Whilst we are constantly updating out webite, and make every effort to ensure that the information contained on our website is accurate, we do sometimes experiance stock loss or gains on certain items. If a loss has occured on an item you have purchased, any money recieved for the item will be refunded in full. If we experiance a gain on an item, we will endevour to update the website to reflect that as soon as possible to make the item accessable to the public.


The Sell Block makes every effort to ensure that the material on this website is free from error, however we do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on our website, including pictures, descriptions and prices. Occasionally The Sell Block use prototype images. The Sell Block will not be held responsible if actually product varies from the released prototype image.

Pre-sale dates are a rough guide only, and shipping date can vary from stated timeframe. Please take this into consideration before purchasing a Pre-Sale item.


Funko Pop Vinyls are a mass produced toy line from various factories across the Far East region. Funko have their own Quality Control program to ensure the product they are producing meet with their company standards. As a retailer, we look over the products to ensure they are the correct items and to discard any obviously defective items, which we do, by the dozens, each and every week.

As a mass produced toy line, there are variations in the manufacturing process that do occur. This can include but is not limited to, slight creases or scuff marks on packaging, minor paint variations, stickers included or not included on boxes etc etc. These are all considered "minor variations" in a mass produced product. You should also keep in mind that the packaging of these products are exactly that, a way to get the actual POP vinyl from A to B. They are designed to assist retailers and Funko themselves to promote and sell what is actually inside the box - the collectable toy.

We will not be replacing or refunding products that have "minor variations". The products are still fit for their intended purpose, which is a fun collectable toy to play with or display and there is nothing further we, as a retailer, can do for customers seeking a pristine product.

These products have passed Funko QC and have been deemed fit for retail markets across the globe by Funko. If you have a particular issue with the quality of Funko's products, please contact Funko through their website at www.funko.com to provide that feedback.

The rationale behind this policy is that what is considered a "mint" or "pristine" Pop! Vinyl collectable toy or what is deemed an "issue" with a Pop! is a subjective view held by the individual and varies widely from consumer to consumer. We, as a retailer of collectables for over 10 years, simply have to draw on our collective knowledge and experience in the industry and cast an objective view on what we consider are products that have a "defect" vs products that have a "minor manufacturing variation".

For those collectors that are fastidious about pristine boxes, we at all times try our best to get replacement boxes where we can, however we cannot guarantee this.

Unfortunatley we do not have an online lay-by system, you must come in store for all lay-bys







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