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Star Wars At-At Driver Standard Helmet Prop Replica

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Star Wars - AT-AT Driver 1:1 Scale Life-Size Helmet Replica

In the world of Star Wars, specialist stormtroopers are stationed atop the secret military base on Scarif, while Shoretroopers patrol the beaches and bunkers of the planetary facilities. Thanks to our buds at Anovos, now you can join the crew with this AT-AT Driver Life-Size Helmet Replica!

Based on digital scans of the original costume piece used in Star Wars, as well as undergoing an exacting replication process by Anovos creative team, this AT-AT Driver Helmet Replica is sure to delight fans of the Star Wars franchise! 

Made from a sturdy fibreglass outer shell and hand-painted to perfection, this stunning piece is sure to pack a punch in your Star Wars collection! Pick one up today and show your allegiance to the Galactic Empire! 


  • Limited to 150 units worldwide
  • Helmet is assembled and ready to wear.
  • Helmet is created from visual reference of the original prop.
  • Helmet is constructed in ABS plastic. 
  • Helmet is painted gray as replicated from the original prop.
  • Bubble lenses are tinted gray.
  • Helmet fitting rig is adjustable.
  • Canisters are attached to rear of helmet, with bottom openings so that hose may attach (hoses are only offered with the AT-AT ensemble).

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