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Star Trek Picard Isolinear Circuits Prop Replica

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Along with his desk crystal, Picard's Is linear Circuits are the second installment in the Picard Desk Set, a collection of objects that appear in countless episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the Captain's Ready Room. Nobody quite knows precisely what purpose these circuits served for Picard, but he often handles them while talking and examines them while thinking, and they could often be seen spread out with a large number of PADDs and desk tools when he was deep into work on a research project—making them one of the most recognizable and frequently seen elements of the Ready Room. Our meticulously accurate re-creation consists of three pieces of machined acrylic: the two circuits themselves and a holding rack. The circuits are made using the same studio graphics and screen-printing process as the originals, but we have enhanced the production method by employing a special solvent-based ink that fuses directly into the plastic, making these graphics more resistant to abrasion than the original props (the graphics were prone to scratching off easily). The edges of the circuits are radiuses like the originals, using a delicate vapor-polishing process to render the edges clear after machining. The same vapor polishing process is used to make the outer surfaces of the display rack optically clear. Contrary to common misconception, the original acrylic circuits were neon pink rather than orange. It is only under bright lights with dark backgrounds that this material appears orange. Similarly, our replica appears variously neon pink or neon orange in different lighting environments. The display rack comes with four rubber feet on its base to prevent scratching the bottom of the base, but to make the rack maximally accurate, these adhesive feet can optionally be removed. We invite you to take the next step in bringing your office into the 24th century by outfitting your desk with these mysterious work implements of the scholarly captain of the Enterprise D.

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