Raising Hell Game

The Sell Block

SKU: 630509869442

  • PARTY GAME FOR ADULTS: Celebrate the absurdity of being a kid with this hilarious party game about the not-so-precious moments of growing up
  • IT'S OK TO LAUGH AT KID FAILS: Take a time out and play this laugh-out-loud party game that's every bit as weird as you and your friends are
  • PAIR A PHOTO WITH A CAPTION: Admit it: kids can drive you insane. Laughing makes it all better! So take a break and have fun creating these memes about ridiculous kids
  • TAKE TURNS BEING THE JUDGE: Players take turns being the judge deciding who wins the round; the player with the most photo cards wins the Raising Hell card game
  • INCLUDES 372 CARDS: The Raising Hell party game includes 300 caption cards and 72 photo cards; the player with the best caption for each photo round wins
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