Magic The Gathering Unsanctioned Box Set

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An Unsanctioned set of five decks.

Unsanctioned is a crazy silver-bordered Magic: the Gathering experience, playable right out of the box!

The box contains five different 30- cards decks, one for each color. Each deck is designed to work with each other deck in the box in a unique and surprising way. Before you start playing, each player chooses two decks and shuffles them together into one deck of two colors. This way, every time you play, a new combination is created for endless fun.

As you are used to with un-sets, this set also contains beautiful black bordered full-art basic lands with fantastic artwork and a unique card frame.

Get ready to explore the limits of the rules with Unsanctioned!

This set of decks from Unsanctioned contains:
- 5 ready-made 30- cards decks, one of each color.
- 2 six-sided dice.
- 10 double-sided tokens.
- 5 full-art basic lands.
- 5 foil full-art basic lands.
- 1 storage box with unsanctioned art.

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