Aliens - Colonial Marines: Xenomorph Spitter

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SKU: 6957534200120

From Aliens: Colonial Marines, the first-person shooter game by Gearbox Software, comes a frighteningly well detailed Play Arts Kai action figure of the Lurker and Spitter.

Lurker measures about 20.32 cm (H) x 10.16 cm (W) x 10.16 cm (L).

Its joints allow for a wide range of motion, and the flexible materials incorporated into the figure and the bendable wired tail allow you to enjoy maximum poseability. That iconic and deadly inner mouth has been recreated on this figure as well.

It can be either pulled out for display or stowed away. The Aliens Colonial Marines Lurker Play Arts Kai Action Figure comes with a decorative base and an alternative head that can be used to recreate a battle-damaged look from in-game scenes.

There's a killer lurking in the shadows. Frighteningly detailed Play Arts Kai action figure of the Lurker. From the Aliens: Colonial Marines first-person shooter game. Pull out the deadly inner mouth for display, or stow it away! Comes with a decorative base and alternative head.

It features a wide range of traits, including an inner jaw and skin texture peculiar to the Xenomorphs, flexible materials, a wide range of motion in the joints, and a bendable wired tail.

The Aliens Colonial Marines Spitter Play Arts Kai Action Figure also comes with a Facehugger accessory that can be placed on the decorative base for display with the figure!

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