Aliens Colonial Marines Personnel Carrier

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SKU: 6957534200199

The APC appeared in the movie Aliens as carrier for the colonial marines which was released from dropship to explore the base where aliens were found. After encountering the Aliens the marines used the APC to retreat to the safe zone. 

The APC has luminous top and front lights, driver's panel lights and control room lights. The cab door and hatch entrance can be opened and the driver control stick is movable. The control panel seats slide and restraining bars of each seat can be raised. Top barbette turns and can be set backwards and the front barbette turns. The top and back hatch cover can be opened and there is room for ten to twelve 1:18 scale marines (one included as accessory).

Product Features

  • 1/18 scale
  • Made of PVC and ABS
  • From the movie Aliens
  • Features LED and electronics components
  • Internal room for ten to twelve 1/18 scale marines (sold separately)
  • Figures not included

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