Alien the weyland-yutani report book

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• 9.25 "x 11" book with exclusive sculpted slipcase created by renowned
collectibles sculptor Patrick Pigott and colored by ex-ILM artist Don Bies.
• 160 pages plus a stunning gatefold featuring a jaw-dropping original
illustration of the Sulaco ship from Aliens
• 20 insert items that bring to life key moments from the Alien movies
• Features material from Prometheus, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien
Resurrection and is one of the first books to bring the worlds of
Prometheus and the Alien films together
• The amazing new narrative that sees the sinister Weyland-Yutani Corporation
explore the secrets of the Xenomorph
• Contains over 30 original illustrations by Xenomorph expert Markus
Pansegrau, who has painstakingly recreated each version of the creature
seen in the movies with stunning digital art
• Contains 10 illustrations by Alien tech expert John R. Mullaney, including
cutaways of the Dropship and APC, and uniquely detailed renderings of
the ships Nostromo and Sulaco and iconic weapons such as the Pulse
Rifle and Smart Gun.

The book also features a wealth of inserts and removable items, including:
• Pvt. Hudson's discharge papers
• Veterinarian report on Jonesy the cat
• Medical report on face-hugger victim Marachuk, John J.
• Carter J. Burke's communication card
Chest X-ray showing Xenomorph implantation
• Bug Stomper Dropship sticker
• Exclusive extracts from prisoner Morse's tell-all novel, Space Beast

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