Meet the Team

Our Staff


The Owner

Nicky is our Supreme Commander and the creator of the store. Although Nicky is not always in store, she does like to make unannounced visits and annoy the staff as she drops on through. Not only does Nicky own and see to the overall attention of the store, she has a persona on Tiktok by the name of Karen Kranski she is somewhat funny and does have the tendancy to make us all laugh. 


Lauren / Looey / Olly
Weekday Warrior
Lauren is our in house fly in the store. She is always in the middle of about three tasks at once and is always on the move, we call her looey the fly, she is always buzzing around the store. We hug looey but only when we can catch her. 


Weekend Nerd
Michael is our resident human golden retriever. Wants to be every ones friend and loves a good feed. He is our resident game expert and will explain how to play most games that he knows. He is also an avid D&D fan.