Meet the Team

Our Staff


Nicky is our Supreme Commander and the creator of the store. Although Nicky is not always in store, she does like to make unannounced visits and annoy the staff as she drops on through. Not only does Nicky own and see to the overall attention of the store, she tries her hand at a bit of Singing. She's not too Bad!!!


Richard is our 2nd in Command, he drives the van to and from the store, works a lot at the warehouse, fly's through the store usually shuffling the stock around. He is our Doc of the store as he is our Delorean Driver, he can go back and forth in time. He's either late or Early!!!!!


Leya is the store Manager. Leya has taken to The Sell Block like a dolphin to water. She loves a chat, is great with the customers and is not shy to tell you whats on her mind, even if it is mumble jumble, thats why we treat her like our own daughter, she is as crazy as the rest of us!!!!! When I say crazy (Fun CRAZY)

Weekend Nerd

Michael is our resident human golden retriever. Wants to be everyones friend and loves a good feed. He is our resident game expert and will explain how to play most games that he knows. He is also an avid D&D fan.


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